Workshop photos: Jenny Gerdau

The Theaterworkshop in the Lake Constance Area

Dear theater friends,

this year is a special year. The youth theater group Rampenlicht is celebrating its 10th anniversary! 2006 Rampenlicht put on their first produktion, "Gang" by Daniel Haw. Die original play dealt with a mother and her two daughters moving from eastern Germany to the western area after the wall fell and the problems they had with integration. One daugter makes it, the second joins a street gang and ends up being a victom of the gang. The play covers rassisism, togetherness, violence and love.

But in 2006 the teenagers found the topic of the fall of the Berlin wall out-dated and Gabi Gerdau, trained director and drama teacher from Theaterwerk-Bodensee rewrote the piece to reflect a resettled family from Russia. The refugee situation we have today is the trigger to revise the piece once again in the year 2016. 

So, now we are looking for refugee actors (3 female) and German actors (male and female) to take part in this project.  The participants are to partake in the revision of the original play.

Applicationform for this Project can be obtained here.

I am looking forward to you!

Gabi Gerdau